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Welcome to the Survey Methodology group at Utrecht Univeristy

The survey research methodology group is based at the Department of Methodology and Statistics at Utrecht University, the Netherlands, and was founded by Joop Hox and Edith de Leeuw around 2001. Over the years the research group has conducted studies in a number of different fields of survey methodology. Nonresponse, mixed-mode surveys and the design of web surveys were important topics in the first five years.

More recently, the group is focusing on panel studies, mixed-mode surveys, and especially on mixed-device surveys. Surveys are nowadays conducted on all kinds of devices. Computers, paper-and-pencil, telephones, tablet, and smartphones. Mixing devices brings great challenges, but also opportunities for doing surveys. A large part of the survey methodology group is involved in the WIN-project: a collaboration with Statistics Netherlands to develop a methodology for survey research using mobile phones.