Data Quality research group


Special issue on non response in Mathematical Population Studies.

Vera Toepoel is guest editor (together with Matthias Schonlau, Waterloo University) for a special issue on non response in Mathematical Population Studies (Volume 24 (2). 2017. open access).


  1. Toepoel & Schonlau (editorial). Dealing with nonresponse. Strategies to increase participation and methods for postsurvey adjustments.
  2. Mazza & Punzo. Dealing with omitted answers in a survey on social integration of immigrants in Italy.
  3. Vandenplas, Stahli, Joye & Pollien. Adjustment for nonresponse with variables from different sources: Bias correction and precision loss, with application to the Swiss European Social Survey 2012.
  4. Bianchi & Biffignandi. Representativeness in panel surveys