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Survey Methodology


Two summer courses on survey design and analysis

The survey group organizes two summer courses at the Utrecht summer school. Please see the information below for more information

August, 14-18: Survey Research: Design, Implementation and Data Processing

This course covers the foundations of modern survey methodology and analysis. Topics covered include survey design, questionnaire construction and testing, different modes of data collection (including mobile surveys, online panels and mixed mode), basic survey analysis techniques such as non-response analysis and scale construction, and special issues in official statistics.

Guidelines for different phases of the survey from design to implementation, analysis and reporting will be discussed.

Link here.

August, 21-25: Survey Research: Statistical Analysis and Estimation

This course is based on a total survey error perspective and discusses the major sources of survey error. Participants will be presented with tools for prevention and adjustment for such errors. Analysis methods are introduced using both SPSS and R. Topics include measurement error, nonresponse adjustment, analysis of incomplete data and the analysis of complex surveys that include weighting, stratification and design effects. International comparative and longitudinal surveys are included, as well as how to deal with administrative data.

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One can sign up for either one or both courses. Online application is possible at here and here.

The site also provides practical information about the location, housing, etc.

The Department of Methodology and Statistics, Social Sciences, Utrecht University, also organizes one week summer courses in Applied multivariate analysis, Multilevel analysis, Statistical programming with R, and M-Plus (introductory and advanced) and postgraduate courses.